Sine Factory

One of the best known music studios in the Portuguese music scene. Independent space incorporated in the headquarters of SublimeVilla, in the heart of the city of Aveiro, where an incredible range of artists pass through its corridors, while inspiration is spread through the various rooms. The magic happens through the talented hands of Mic Ferreira, sound engineer and creator of this incredible music factory.

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Body Piercing

SublimeVilla is one of the most sought after places in the center of the country for piercing. Whether in one of our already known PROMO PIERCING, which has been taking place for over 10 years and brings together hundreds of people every month, or on a normal day, the guarantee of good service and the perfect piercing does not fail. Your next piercing will be in Lisa's hands, who in addition to being a tattoo artist is also our professional body piercer.

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SublimeVilla BarberShop is one of the most recent concepts adopted to our vision, not different from all the others that we explore, it is something that we try to do with the maximum of passion and dedication, always following the principle that we do what the customer asks, but in order to be as original, unique and artistic as possible, the same recipe already used in our working methods regarding tattoos.

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Tattoo Space

With more than 10 years of existence, a team of specialized artists with varied artistic languages, SubimeVilla, divided into two locations in Aveiro, stands out as one of the largest and most renowned studios in the central area, and one of the most sought after in terms of national.

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Art Gallery

One of the most recent spaces at the SublimeVilla headquarters dedicated specifically to art is the Gallery space, opened in 2021, in conjunction with the famous art curator, Nuno Sacramento, a space that screams art in various forms, from paintings to sculptures, painting to photography, all in the studio's main room.

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About Sublime

SublimeVilla started in 2010 as a clothing and lifestyle brand but quickly turned into a tattoo studio.
In the space of 12 years, SublimeVilla has internationalized across Europe in several studios.

The headquarters, in Aveiro, Portugal, offers an art gallery curated by Nuno Sacramento, the Sine Factory recording studio where the great names of the Portuguese music scene have already been highlighted, and the appropriate tattoo and body piercing spaces.

Barbearia is also one of SublimeVilla's most recent services, in this case the second store in Portugal, located in Gafanha da Nazaré.

All resident artists have their own method of work and different artistic language, touching a little on all the most common styles in the tattoo scene, going through realism, sketch, geometric, trash polka and traditional among other subcategories.


Where you can find us?

Sublimevilla & BarberShop Gafanha da Nazaré


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Av. José Estevão 105, 3830-524 Gafanha da Nazaré

Sublimevilla Aveiro


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R. Eng. Von Haff 33, 3800-177 Aveiro